Saving Teeth and Alleviating Discomfort – One Patient at a Time

Dr. Michele Pakozdi & Associates offers leading-edge endodontics, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, in a professional and welcoming atmosphere.

As an endodontist, Dr. Michele Pakozdi is a highly-trained specialist, focused on saving teeth and relieving pain through root canal therapy. Supported by an experienced and dedicated team, the doctors ensure treatment is comfortable and stress-free.

Why Choose Dr. Michele Pakozdi & Associates for Your Root Canal?

While general dentists have training in basic root canal treatment, our practice is limited to endodontic therapy (root canals), retreatment, and microscopic surgical endodontics. 

Expert in Endodontics: Following dental school, Dr. Pakozdi completed extensive post-graduate training in endodontics. This advanced, specialized education focused on surgical and non-surgical endodontic treatment. Through her post-doctorate specialty training, Dr. Pakozdi studied the diagnosis, treatment planning, and procedures necessary to treat and eliminate infection or inflammation of the pulp and surrounding structures.

The doctors remain at the forefront of developments in endodontics through professional education, incorporating proven technologies and methodologies into patient care.

State-of-the-Art Endodontic Therapy: Dr. Pakozdi utilizes advanced technologies and treatment modalities to provide patients with the highest possible level of care. The in-office Cone Beam CT scan provides highly accurate, 3-dimensional images of the dental, osseous and surroundings structures. These images aid in diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as providing a roadmap for treatment. 

Additionally, Dr. Pakozdi uses a surgical operating microscope for all procedures. The magnification and illumination gained through the use of a microscope allows the doctors to manage calcified canals and difficult root anatomies to provide the most predictable outcomes possible, even when treating complex cases. 

Informed Treatment: Dr. Pakozdi takes time to explain the diagnosis and procedure to each patient, including why it is needed, any alternative treatment options, and what to expect during and after the root canal treatment. They also discuss post-operative care and the patient’s follow-up responsibilities. Dr. Pakozdi, along with her staff, support patients before, during, and after their treatment, and is readily available to answer questions or address concerns.

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The doctors and staff at Dr. Michele Pakozdi & Associates welcome the opportunity to provide you with comfortable endodontic care in a relaxed setting and to help you to save your tooth.  

Please contact their Hamilton, ON endodontic office to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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